Ten signs your favourite Airline may be going out of business‏

Dozens of drug-sniffing dogs at the Ft. Lauderdale airport are already out of work.

2. Among the items included in the in-flight shopping brochure are cologne, perfume and “a used A320”.

3. The complementary blanket given to you is marked ‘Property of Sandals’.

4. The flight attendant asks the passengers if they can help “mek up the gas money”.

5. Seating assignments are no longer enforced. In fact the person in your seat napping after you return from an extended stay in the bathroom looks a lot like the co-pilot.

6. Aside from customs and immigration forms, flight attendants are seen passing out forms detailing the items available in the upcoming ‘Airline Yard Sale’.

7. The in-flight movie is actually an old taped episode of Lime Tree Lane.

8. The wine in the refreshment cart has been replaced by the less costly ‘Suck-suck’ and ‘Icey-mint’.

9. The flight attendant relays new airline policy which states that fruit juice is still complementary but the cup will cost an extra $200.

10. Halfway through the flight, the pilot, in his cool, authoritative voice says, “…and to your left you can now see… awww who gives a $#@&*!”.