Everton, Glenroy, Mavis... Certain names are found only in Jamaica

This one should be pretty obvious.  Have you ever met anyone other than a Jamaican whose name is Linval? No, of course you haven’t. For whatever reason, there are just some names which seem to be exclusively used by Jamaicans. In a way they are almost “indigenous” to Jamaica. So I’m not saying there isn’t some guy named Everton in China (Everton Chin-Fatt maybe?) but I guarantee you, Everton’s dad is originally from Jamaica.  And I’m not saying there isn’t some guy named Glenroy in Saudia Arabia (Glenroy bin Laden?) but I promise you his mom’s name is Marva and she originally hails from Clarendon. 

Maybe Marva met Glenroy’s dad Farouk when he came to Jamaica on a cruise ship twenty years ago? Maybe they fell in love, moved back to Riyadh and had Glenroy and his sisters Keisha and Tanika? Who knows? The point is, if there is a Glenroy in Saudia Arabia, there's a Jamaican connection.

Yuh see where I’m going here?  I’m pretty sure there are women named Marva elsewhere in the world but I’m willing to bet you a nanny that 99% of the Marvas in the world come from Jamaica. And 99% of the Winsomes, Mavises and Normas too.

There are Fitzroys outside of Jamaica. I’ll give you that. But there are more Fitzroys per square mile in Jamaica than anywhere else in the world. Trust me. Have you ever met anyone other than a Jamaican whose name was Lindell, Lenbert or Linton? Let me know. And bring his passport too, cause you’ll need to prove it.
Delroy? Maisie? Yvonne? These names are as Jamaican as ballot box stuffing on election day. Desmond? Audia? As Jamaican as blocking roads and demanding “justice” for a dead “community leader”. 

But what’s the practical use of all this information?  Well, if you’re ever in a foreign country and you’re lost in a large crowd somewhere and need a friendly face, just shout “Trevor!” (Mek sure you pronounce it “Chevva” though) The one person who turns around will be from Jamaica. Guaranteed.