Most Dangerous Dancehall Practices

Bleaching Cream 2
Dancehall is a relentlessly creative space, constantly pushing boundaries and taking risks... but sometimes people get just a little bit carried away. This is thingsjamaicanslove's list of the craziest ish to ever come out of the dancehall:

1. Gun salutes - never mind the possibility of wounding innocent bystanders, when the dj draw di BIGGEST tune in the land at the PERFECT time, a round of applause just wouldnt be enough.
2. Bottle throwing - when it takes you 2 hours to get into the venue, the show is running 3 hours behind schedule AND they put on a series of "up-and-coming" artistes before your favorite artiste, a loud boo just wouldn't be enough.
3. Torches made with spray cans - it was all fun and games till Paulette's hair caught fire.
4. Jumping off speaker boxes onto your dance partner and all kinds of acrobatic "daggering" - youtube it if you dont believe mi.
5. Bleaching.