How a Jamaican’s Response to Popular Music Changes as They Age


Age:             Response:

0-10 years: “Ga-ga, goo-goo” (Song plays in background as child is being fed at nursery)

Teens: “Rrrraaaeeee, mi love this song!” (Listening to song while hanging with friends)

Twenties: “Bap bap! Da chune yah shot!” (Dancing to song at nightclub/dance while hanging with friends)

Thirties: “Nice tune still. Don’t understand a word he’s saying though.” (Listening to song in car on your way to work)

Forties: “Its an ok song. But how do I dance to it? And who is this Vybz Kartel person anyway? And how exactly did he record this song while in prison?!” (Poses question to younger sibling who’s listening to song while hanging with friends)

Fifties: “What you mean you “love this song?” Its garbage!” (Shouts at teenage son who’s listening to song while hanging with friends)

Sixties: “What the hell is that noise they’re playing next door. Its too loud! I’m calling the police!” (Shouts at wife while song plays at party next door)

Seventies: “Eh? Is that a song they’re playing? I can’t hear a thing.”

Eighties: “Ga-ga, goo-goo” (Song plays in background while being fed at old age home)