New Acronyms and Initialisms to be Used While Text Messaging

blackcherryGuys, if you could tear yourselves away from your cell phones, Blackberries and iPhones for just one second we’d love to get you to stop and think about something. Have you ever considered the large number of convenient acronyms and initialisms you use when sending text messages? (Explanations of the big words at bottom of post) Ok, it may sound silly but think about it for a second… When someone says something funny you have the option of responding with LOL (Laugh out loud), DWL (Ded wid laugh) or BOAL (Buss out ah laugh). You can also use ROFL (Roll on the floor), LMAO (Laugh my ass off) or DWBCL. (You can figure that last one out for yourselves).

Many of you will frequently use OMG (Oh My Gosh), IKR (I Know Right), KK (Cool Cool), SMH (Shake my head), KMT (Kiss mi teet), OMG (Oh my God), TMI (Too much information), WTF, and at the end of a conversation you may often close with TTYL (Talk to You Later). These acronyms are convenient because they shorten commonly used expressions down to a few letters that are easy to type while on the go. And since they’re so useful (and entertaining), figured that we should come up with some acronyms specifically tailored for Jamaicans to use while texting. So here goes:

BO – Before Olint
AO – After Olint
BF – Baby Fada (No, in this case BF does not mean “Best Friend”)
BM – Baby Madda (BF and BM are frequently no longer BFs (best friends) after the birth of the B)
BYSC - Beg yuh some credit
DL – Dutty Labourite (n.b. Labourites please see TS below before you start complaining)
DDMO – Doan draw mi out
GDY – Go deh yute
GDMG – Go deh my girl
IYTYB - If yuh tink yuh bad
KMN – Kiss mi neck
LL - Licky licky
LDABIMH - Laawd dem a bruk inna mi house! (Ok, this one is a little long but it may be a useful to have it handy in an emergency?)
MAS - Mad as shad
MF – More Fyah
MPPS – Manatt Phelps & Phillips Scandal
MTR - Mad to rass
MYB - Move yuh b#mbo
MAG - Move an gweh
NMB – Not my baby

NMBM -Not my baby madda
PAN -  Phat an’ nice
POI – Persons of Interest
RFBB – Recently Fired By Bruce (We suspect this one has been in almost constant usage since about September 2007)
SB – Summer Body
SROC – Soon run outta credit
SYF - Stop yuh f#@!*y
TABN – Touch Ah Button Nuh
TDF – Too damn fass
TS – Teifing Socialist
TTFW – To the flipping world
TWY- Tek weh yuhself
YL - Yuh lucky
YM - Yuh mumma
YSM - Yuh see mi

Using the acronyms above, a man might therefore be able to send the following short but expressive message to the mother of his child while driving to work – “Lk here woman DDMO. Don’t care what U heard. Is NMB & is NMBM!  U an YM 2 chatty-chatty. YL mi SROC or mi might tell U how mi really feel bout U!  : -< ”


Note:  An acromym is a pronounceable word that is formed from the initials of a group of words (e.g. NATO) while an initialism is simply an abbreviation formed from, and used as, a string of initials (e.g. FBI).  Amazing what you can find on Wikipedia isnt it!