Some Jamaican Books We'd Like to Read

stumpedThe summer is here and there’s nothing better than spending a long hot day lazing on the beach reading a good book. Here are a few of the books we wish were on our summer reading list:

Where the Tunnels Really Are – Christopher Coke

Spicing up your life with Colour - Elephant Man

Famous for Not Being Famous – LA Lewis

Outing the Fire – Capleton

Bangarang Made Easy – Bruce Golding

Driving Miss Dudus – Rev. Al Miller

Tiger, Mad Cobra, Elephant Man, Red Rat, Hawkeye & Bling Dawg: Life in the Dancehall Jungle – Cat Coore

Drawing My Tongue: My Life in Party Politics – P. Simpson-Miller

101 Ways to Hold Dung & Tek: How to run a public utility company in Jamaica - The 2nd book in the bestselling “How To” Series of books.

What Official Secrets Act? – Rear Admiral Hardley Lewin

Winning Isn’t Everything – Asafa Powell

Winning is Easy – Usain Bolt

They Call Me Mr. Anancy - Carlos Hill

Runnin' Wid' It: Doing what it takes to win – Usain Bolt & Omar Davies

Who Moved My Cheese Trix? – Timmy Johnson (The Bestselling Children’s Book of 2010 by motivational speaker and 3rd Grader Timothy “Timmy” Johnson)

Advanced Lessons in Speaking in the 3rd Person - Vybz Kartel

How Many MP's Does it Take to Screw in a Lightbulb? – Kern Spencer

Chicken Foot Soup for the Soul – Tedroy “Teddy” Jackson (The underground bestseller by Jamaican roadside chef and philosopher Teddy Jackson)

Don’t Call Me Tarzan: The Lonely Bachelor’s Guide to Finding a Woman in Jamaica – The 3rd book in the bestselling “How To” Series of books.

A Fool and his Money - A winning combination! – Carlos Hill

Totally Stumped - The Windies Cricket Team

Sour Like… Overcoming re-branding mishaps – From the “Marketing Basics” Series of books.

How to Walk a Very Very Fine Line - Shebada

Where the money went - David Smith (The runaway bestseller of 2010!)

Disclaimer: The article above is meant purely for satirical, humorous/entertainment purposes and ought not to be construed in any other way.