Seven Sure Signs that Jamaica is Suffering from a Severe Drought

droughtEvery available container in your house including cups, jugs, wash basins, buckets, pails, dutch pots, pans, “chimmys”, used Sprite Bottles, used cooking oil containers, baby bottles, the washing machine and the bathtub have been used to collect water.

2. You checked into an all-inclusive hotel over the long weekend; not for the food, drink and luxury accommodations but just so you could take a hot shower.

3. You’ve mastered the art of bathing twice and brushing your teeth three times a day with one 9 oz cup of water.

4. You called a company that sells and delivers water and asked them to deliver some to your house.  They said they would add you to their waiting list but delivery would take at least 10 days and they would first need 2 references and a copy of your driver’s license.

5. You’ve replaced the roses, hibiscuses and bougainvillea in your garden with cactus and crabgrass.

6. There are reports in the media of an alarming trend of break-ins in upscale neighbourhoods where the only evidence of a crime are a recently-used bar of soap, wash rag and towel in the bathroom.

7. For no apparent reason the water level in the neighbourhood pool keeps getting lower and lower. (Although on some dark nights you’ve noticed suspicious figures carrying buckets moving back and forth between the pool and certain apartments)