Jamaicans have always been a people of absolutes. They either love something or they hate it, or they may love it until they change their minds. This site will list and briefly examine many of the things Jamaicans love, why we think they love it, and even question whether the love for a particular thing is good or not.

Visitors to this site are encouraged to offer their own opinions in the comments area below the articles, keeping in mind that many of these articles are written tongue-in-cheek and not meant to be taken seriously.

The Main Writers:

Cool an Deadly

Cool an Deadly

Cool an Deadly is the Editor-in-Chief, resident Style Maven and Chief Stew-Peas Taster here at thingsjamaicanslove.com. Cool attended the University of Life where he majored in Indecision with a minor in Dithering.

On graduation, Cool went to work at Babylon Systems Inc. where he gained valuable experience in the Department of Minions and Underlings, rising to the level of Head Serf. Cool then entered the Graduate School of Hard Knocks where he completed a double Phd in Hustling and Making Ends Meet. He joined thingsjamaicanslove.com after graduation.

His hobbies include navel-gazing and slacking-off.

Sir Will

Sir Will

Sir Will is a visionary with thick glasses, a trendsetter in corduroy and a legend in his own mind. A lover of the fine art of procrastination and author of the best seller, "99 Ways to be Distracted by Almost Anything".

Even from high school days, sitting in class with Cool an Deadly, perfecting their unique brand of humour, Sir Will realised that this 'almshouse ting' could not be contained forever. Twenty years later, the idea for thingsjamaicanslove.com was hatched.

On his off days from shoring up his underground bunker with trestle and stolen river sand, Sir Will can be found having animated discussions with the one or two persons willing to listen to his warnings of the impending demise of Babylon Systems Inc.